Our Rooms

1 Team, 1 Mission - 60min Time.

Find the clues and solve all the puzzles to escape!
Our rooms are completely themed and full of surprises.
Immerse yourself in a world full of mystery.

Can You Escape? You have 1 hour of time…

(no previous knowledge necessary for all rooms)

We are now available in two locations!

We are already looking forward to seeing you!

Our rooms in Dietikon

raum mission escape room dietikon saw
logo the saw
The Saw

You wake up in a dark place. You can't see anything, but you hear a voice: ``I want to play a game`` ... the time is running

raum mission escape room dietikon minotaurus
logo minothaurus
Minotaur's Labyrinth

You managed to kill the dangerous bull-man Minotaur. But can you still remember the way to freedom?

raum mission escape room dietikon jack
logo jack the ripper
Jack The Ripper

Another murder happened that night in Whitechapel. The Ripper strikes again and people are terrified, no one is on the street except you....

H. Potter – Philosopher's Stone

The Dark One has awakened. Only the power of the Philosopher's Stone, hidden in a secret chamber full of dangerous magic, can put an end to its reign of terror...

raum mission escape room dietikon got
logo der winter naht
Game of Throne

The white walkers have destroyed the black fortress and the wall! The only hope that remains is an old script from the Grand Maester about a weapon against the dead...

raum mission escape room dietikon hdg
logo haus des geldes
Money Heist

It's time for the biggest heist the world has ever seen! So put on your masks and uniforms and show what you can do! The professor's plan is perfectly thought out, now it's up to you...

Our rooms in Rümlang

aladdin room image
aladdin logo

You, brave inhabitants of Agrabah, now is the time to prove your loyalty and with the help of genius save our land from the dark Khalif Jafar and his evil plan.

alice in wonderland room image
alice in wonderland logo
Alice in Wonderland

You are in another world, full of magical wonders. Follow in Alice's footsteps, through the Queen of Hearts' castle and past her card soldiers, and find a way to return to the real world.

horror circus room image
horror circus logo
Horror Circus

Welcome to the Wanderlust Circus. It seems like this is no ordinary circus! The star of the show, the clown, has decided to take control of the circus. Be on your guard, scary things are happening...

dracula logo
Count Dracula

Your intention to research the legend of Dracula has brought you to mountainous Bran in Transylvania. But like the famous Van Helsing before you, you were captured by Dracula and put in a cell.

white house down logo
White House Down

Unknown terrorists have stormed the White House and activated the nuclear missile case. The President has been taken to his bunker for safety, now it's up to you! Find the suitcase and save the world.

illuminati room image
illuminati logo

The Illuminati secret society has threatened to destroy the Vatican and steal the Holy Grail from their chamber. Find the Grail and protect the most important object of the Holy Church before it falls into the wrong hands.

walking death room
walking death logo
Walking Death

More than a year has passed since the apocalypse began... You must quickly find a way out of your sector before it is too late. But beware, the undead are lurking everywhere and waiting for you!