Team building through brainwork


Only as a team you can master the mission – A functioning teamwork is the basis of almost every successful enterprise. This is also the basic principle of an Escape Team Event. The focus is on communication, teamwork, skill and logical thinking to complete the mission within 60 minutes. Through diversely designed theme rooms, teams are presented with challenges far away from the daily work routine, which promote cooperation and strengthen trust among each other. Together against the clock, the teams should grow even stronger together as a group and share an unforgettable experience where fun is not neglected either.


2-6 rooms at the same time

Number of people

6-42 Personen


2x60 minutes as option


From 10 people

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At a team event you have the rooms to yourselves. If you wish, you can swap rooms after the first round. You take turns solving the puzzles in several teams.

1 room is playable up to a maximum of 7 people. You can freely choose how many teams and rooms you want to make.

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    The SawMinotaurusJack The RipperH. PotterG.O.T.Haus des Geldes
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